Fondation des Treilles//

Anne Gruner Schlumberger dedicated much of her time and money to her various passions: reading, art, music and science.0001

She did so in particularly visionary and original way by creating the Fondation des Treilles, unique place for research and the exchange of ideas .She also created the Foundation Schlumberger for Education and Research, which finances most of the activities on the Domaine des Treilles. She thus separated the operational power of the Fondation des Treilles from the financial power of the FSER . In doing so twenty years before the French law would allow foundation to have separate surveillance council and executive council, she had shown certain understanding of the potential risk of concentration of power.

The FSER developed itself according to the two main axes laid out by Anne Gruner Schlumberger: sciences and music. According to the founder’s C0125wishes, it was decided that the support for music would be organised as sessions in Villecroze (close to the Domaine des Treilles). As for the studies of the different sciences, they are carried out at Les Treilles, where the FSER organises four symposiums year, as well as through the FSER Prize .This latter prize rewards three researchers for their work by helping them to recruit postdoctoral fellows and to buy equipment for their laboratory.mnghbgv








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